Senior DevOps Engineer

Job description

We are looking for a senior level developer. The successful candidate would work on an API that calculates travel times to thousands of locations in a split second. She/He would join a remote DevOps team based in Kaunas alongside four other team members working on these projects.


Our Search API already processes more than a billion locations a month and has an average response time of 900 ms when sorting up to 1000 locations within a 3 hour travel time area. To return these results at scale we use Scala, AKKA and Play Framework



  • Design and development of Travel Time Platform API;
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues in our development, test and production environments;
  • Improve automated procedures for code and data deployment and automate manual tasks;
  • Develop tools to improve situation awareness for the team Maintenance and upkeep of Linux servers.

What we offer:


The salary offered matches your experience, educational background, and job skills. We offer employee stock options, gym subscription and remote working with a flexible schedule. We also provide any equipment you would need for work. All this is possible as long as you are okay to work from around 10/11 am to 18/19 in GMT+2 and attend daily 11 am online stand-up meetings. We also have team gatherings in Kaunas office up to 3 times a year.

Job requirements

  • Experience in functional programming or Scala;
  • Understanding the benefits of purely functional code, immutability, encapsulation, choosing the right data-structures, asynchronous structures, code organization and testability;
  • Experience working with Linux and servers management;
  • Experience with source code control systems, branching and merging, automated unit testing frameworks, automated build tools, and automated deploy frameworks;
  • Experience in designing public API’s is a benefit.